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Figuring Out the Route

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This whole process of figuring out the best route and use of the time we have to explore the USA is difficult at best. It would take months to see everything let alone actually experience it. The best we can do is narrow things down, determine what is possible and go from there.


One of the other challenges is also picking our “Main” stops along the way. As of now places like Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Napa Valley and Houston are forming some of the backbone of this Epic Wedding Moon Tour. We will be relying heavily on our friends in these towns to create lifelong memories with us and will be awarding prizes for those who exceed expectations. No Pressure…

It is looking like the first “Main” stop will be Chicago coming right off of the heels of the Wedding weekend. If you are anywhere near Chicago on Tuesday September 6th, I encourage you to join us for the festivities. There is rumor of a rooftop party but who knows what these crazy characters will come up with.

The last “Main” stop is looking like it will be on September 22nd in Houston, TX. This will be lead by the notoriously ridiculous Robert Boudwin and should prove to be nothing short of harmoniously teetering Pandemonium and Hilarity. The other stops on the tour will have their work cut of for them to match what Boudwin may bring.

Stay tuned as we continue to dial things in and thanks again for all of your love and support!

Be sure to send in your suggestions and throw a few bucks our way if you feel so compelled.

Stay Awesome!

Love Chris and Ashley

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