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Epic Weddingmoon Tour Fund

Epic Weddingmoon Tour Fund

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Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and support us.

We are very excited to start the next phase of our life together as a team. I (Chris . . . Ashley is allowing me to write in my voice as two voices can get exhausting) have had the good fortune of traveling all over North America throughout my career as a professional idiot performing at stadiums and arenas from Coast to Coast and everywhere in between. Along the way, I have met great people, seen wonderful things, eaten amazing food and developed a love for travel. This Epic Wedding Moon tour is a way to share all of that with Ashley and provide a chance for her to see much of what the US has to offer, meet some of the people I call friends from my life on the road, and create a memory we will both cherish forever.

In lieu of traditional gifts (I.E. small appliances, crystal, picnicware, gift certificates, bedding, or heirloom pieces) we ask that you consider supporting this campaign. Without your support we might just run out of gas in the middle of some New Mexico desert . . . but enough about that.

The Goal of $9,416 represents the date of our wedding and will go a long way to ensure the trip is possible. Gas money alone will easily be in the thousands to complete the tour. It is an EPIC tour, after all.

To make this more fun for everyone, we plan to report on our journey throughout allowing you all to be a part of this with us every step of the way. You will be able to witness our adventures first hand through Video Blogs posted to this website.

Where Will We Go?

What Will We See?

How Much Can One Person Fit In Their Stomach?

Why Are We SOOOO Tired?

All of that and much more is coming your way and we are thrilled to bring it to you.

This means the world to us and I cannot express how thankful we are that you would even consider donating your hard-earned money to our cause.

Please reach out and say hello, ask questions and give us suggestions for places to go on our way.

You are all amazing and stay awesome!


Chris and Ashley


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